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4 Worst Mattress Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid During House Cleaning

Deep cleaning an unkempt home can be quite difficult and time-consuming and especially when you have a filthy mattress to deal with, it can turn out to be no less than a nightmare. Whereas carpets, sofa sets and other upholstered furniture gets special care and attention during cleaning, mattress is often overlooked. To control dust and allergens from spreading throughout the home and maintain a healthy and hygienic environment indoors, you should take special care for your mattress but that doesn’t necessarily mean to undertake a DIY approach. Mattress fabrics are delicate and homeowners who undertake the plunge of DIY mattress cleaning on their own, end up making these terrible blunders.

1. Using Excessive Water to Clean Mattress

At times, you might spill a drink on your mattress and consider treating it later simply out of negligence. Allowing hard stains and spills to settle for long can be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make prior to mattress cleaning in Melbourne. Most homeowners consider using water and soap to dilute stains and end up with a brand new replacement before the expected time. It’s never a wise idea to wet the mattress as it triggers the potential of mould growth and makes your mattress vulnerable to permanent damage.

2. Using a Beater for Dusting Mattress

Mattress fabrics are delicate and attract dust, germs and allergens more than any other areas of a home. Bugs and critters love to feed on flakes on skin and nestle on the fabrics if not cleaned at frequent intervals. However, beating is not at all a wise option for eradicating dust and allergens during regular house cleaning in Altona North. Homeowners who lack knowledge in mattress cleaning and consider using a beater for dusting mattress end up ruining the delicacy and mushy feel of the fabrics and repent for a lifetime.

3. Using Inferior Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Another common mistake people make during mattress cleaning is using a normal vacuum cleaner with no specialized filter for trapping dirt. Whereas multi-purpose vacuum cleaners can immaculate floors, sofa sets or furnishings, they are not at all recommended for deep cleaning bed and upholstery. Homeowners who lack knowledge in understanding the intricacies, consider using multi-purpose vacuum cleaners and end up with premature damage to their costly investment.

4. Steam Cleaning for Killing Germs & Bacteria on Mattress

Steam cleaner is a powerful tool for removing stubborn stains, grease from hard surfaces such as tiles, outdoor floors and to make this tool more efficient, some people fix high-efficiency filter to kill germs and bacteria with the help of high steam temperature. While some steam cleaners can surely kill bacteria and allergens from any surface, they aren’t recommended for killing germs from soft furnishings like mattresses as moisture from steam can propel the formation of mould in foams and give rise to severe health ailments. So mitigate the risk of moisture penetration by hiring professional mattress cleaners and extend its shelf life in the coming years.

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