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5 Fool-Proof Tips to Extend the Longevity of Your Pricey Carpet

Having a well-decorated carpet is a great way to improve the visual aesthetics of the interior decor and make your home inviting, but your responsibility doesn’t end here. If you have splurged on installing a brand-new carpet, you should maintain it in top-notch condition to prolong its lifespan which can be achieved by regular vacuuming and deep cleaning of the fabrics.

Carpet fibers are delicate and attract dirt and stains quickly. Moreover, dirt and debris carried by pet paws develop stains, grime and spots and make the fabrics vulnerable to damage and discolouration. To avoid any such mishap, all you need to do is follow some expert-recommended tips to extend the longevity of your pricey masterpiece.

Regular Vacuuming is a Must!

Carpet fibers are prone to dirt build-up and regular vacuuming is a must to maintain it’s pristine shine and glory for long. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning in Footscray using a high-efficiency filter not just trap dirt and sticky particles from deep inside the fabrics but sucks harmful bacteria, allergens and pollens carried by pet paws. If these sticky particles are not absorbed on time, they can penetrate to the padding and count on the health of your carpet.

Clean Stains & Spills Immediately

Mishaps are beyond your control and your carpet might get affected due to accidental food spills. Wine, coffee, tea or fruit juice stains can wreck havoc on the delicate fabrics and result in discolouration if not treated on time. If you find a hard time cleaning stubborn stains, hire professional carpet cleaners who can make your job a breeze using modern cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Acting on time can save your priceless carpet from damage and extend its lifespan in the coming years.

Hire Trained and Skilled Carpet Cleaners

Is it the time and effort that hold you back every time you wish to undertake carpet cleaning on your own? Well, in that case, it’s wise to delegate the task of carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne to professionals who can take due care of your carpet and ensure it lasts in good health for decades. Trained and accredited professionals know the unique techniques to eradicate stubborn stains, grime, bacteria and mould and make your carpet spotless in no time.

Install a Good-Quality Carpet Protector

Carpet protectors act as a shield against spills, stains, dirt and grime and save the fibers from damage and breakage. The protector keeps away oil-based spills and comes with dirt-trapping fibres which adds further protection to your carpet and restores it’s lustre and feel in the years to come. Install a good-quality protector and keep your carpet looking great!

Rearrange Furniture Monthly or Periodically

Carpet dents are a result of constant pressure exerted by bulk furniture such as sofa sets, centre tables etc and therefore, it’s wise to rearrange them either monthly or periodically to minimise the formation of pesky carpet dents. Dented carpet is not just unsightly but detrimental to the health of the fabrics and may compel you to opt for a brand new replacement before the expected lifespan. Hence, it’s good to move your furniture from time to time to avoid the formation of unsightly carpet dents and make it stand the test of time.

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