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8 Tips from Professional Carpet Cleaners that Make All the Difference

Carpet cleaning is a tricky affair and this needs the intervention of the best professional cleaners for results that will leave you fully satisfied. Nevertheless, the experts offering professional carpet cleaning in Launceston or elsewhere would adopt certain ways to conduct cleaning.  You can consider these ways as tips, which will help you in DIY stuff, should you try self-cleaning of carpets. Let us discuss the secret ways that the professionals adopt for the best results.

They Blot the Stains Instead of Rubbing

When it comes to treating the stains, they never rub. Instead, they would blot them, so much so that the stain is transmitted seamlessly to the surface they are using to blot, from the carpet service. Rubbing will only cause the mark to smudge and get further inside the surface, making their extraction harder.

They Would Use Club Soda and Vinegar for Cleaning

Rather than using those commercial carpet cleaners that are available in the market, the carpet cleaning professionals in Launceston would use club soda and vinegar for getting rid of the stains. Since they are eco-friendly household products, they pose no threat to health or the environment.

They Would Use Shaving Cream

Amazingly, shaving cream is a wonderful product that can be used for deleting carpet stains, and that’s what the professionals would do. They would apply shaving cream on the stains directly, and will allow the cream to settle for about 30 minutes. They will then wipe it away with the help of a dry white cloth.

They Would Use Dish Soap to Remove Grease Stains

Greasy spills are more stubborn than the other types of stains. However, the professionals would use dish soap to remove them, during residential carpet cleaning in Launceston or elsewhere.

They Freeze Chewing Gums to Remove Them

When it comes to removing chewing gums, the experts will grab an ice cube or two and press it hard against the chewing gum for a minute or two. Once the gum turns frozen cold and solid, they would use a spoon to gently scoop the blog. Then they will take scissors to cut off the carpet strands, as close to remnants of the gum around their top edge as possible.

They Will Heat the Hardened Wax for Removing It

To remove hardened wax from the carpet strands, the experts will heat it. To do so, they will put a white cloth on the wax and put hot iron on the cloth and press it, till the wax melts. Then they will scrap off the molten wax using a knife or any other shrapnel.

They Will Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Blood Stains

One of the most difficult tasks is removal of blood stains from the carpet.  However, Hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue for the experts. At first, the professional cleaners in  Launceston will use a mild solution of Hydrogen peroxide and water, and apply the solution on the stain directly. It will disintegrate the blood. Now they will use a knife to scrap off the blood and use baking soda on the remaining stain till it is absorbed and removed.

They Will Scrap Candy

To remove dried candy from the carpet strands, the cleaners would scrap them with a knife or a sharp object and then again cut off the strands as close to the edges as possible.

Thus you see, you need to hire seasoned professionals for carpet cleaning for these hacks. KAN Cleaning Solutions Launceston is the best name to hire. Call us at 0480 274 991.

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