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Active Germ-Hotspots in Your Office that Needs Professional Cleaning

Office is a high-traffic area that undergoes heavy use and degrades over time. Regular exposure to germs, dirt, stains and grime make office interiors look dull and demean employee morale and productivity. Just like your home needs deep cleaning at least once in a month, your workplace too, needs regular upkeep and maintenance weekly, monthly or quarterly. Leaving dirty areas unattended for long not only looks unsightly but trigger high chances of allergies, bacterial infection and leaves a negative remark on your clients and stakeholders.

Thinking where to start deep cleaning from? Although every commercial facility fetches its own set of cleaning requirements but enlisted below are some potential hotspots that accumulate germs, dirt and pollens quickly than any other place in your office.

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Office Kitchen Cleaning Launceston

Office kitchen is well-known for food spills, dirt and regular mess and rare do employees take care of keeping the area neat and clean. Regular use and high-traffic make office kitchen look dirty and filthy over time and if left untreated for long, these areas harbour bacteria, germs, pollens and allergens rapidly. If you don’t opt for a regular cleaning job to declutter the mess, it might be challenging for you to maintain the health and hygiene of your workplace. Some of the active germ hotspots include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Tile & Grouts
  • Cabinets
  • Oven
  • Countertops
  • Splashbacks

Walls & Floors

Office Floor Cleaning Launceston

Whether you have a tiled or a carpeted floor, routine cleaning, vacuuming and mopping are a must to keep the health and safety aspects of your employees intact. Office walls are rarely cleaned, which makes your workplace even more dusty and dingy. Dirt embedded on office walls, tile and grouts give rise to allergies and infections among employees and increase the number of sick leaves. Here are the areas you must pay special attention while hiring office cleaning in Launceston:

  • Walls
  • Desks
  • Curtains
  • Ceilings


Office Bathrooms Cleaning Launceston

Office bathrooms undergo high foot traffic throughout the day and harbour bacteria, germs and allergens on a regular basis. Even most restrooms need regular deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation to maintain the health and hygiene of employees. Professional office cleaners in Launceston always pays attention to these neglected areas while cleaning bathrooms:

  • Emptying trash bins
  • Disinfecting toilet seats
  • Wiping off sinks, faucets and fixtures
  • Cleaning the walls behind toilets and sinks
  • Doors and walls of bathrooms


Office Carpet Cleaning Launceston

Having an expensive and well-decorated carpet installed at your workplace is indeed overwhelming but maintaining it in top-notch condition is crucial to keep germs and allergens at bay. Carpet fabrics attract outside dirt, germs, bacteria and pollens and become outdated over time. Routine cleaning, vacuuming and steam cleaning might not help in eradicating stubborn stains, grime and mould and here comes the role of professional carpet cleaners. Having years of experience and expertise in dealing with pesky carpet chores, they scrape off dirt, germs, bacteria and pollens from deep within the fabrics and freshen up your carpet like new.

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