End of Lease Cleaning

Areas that Are Cleaned by Bond Cleaners during the Service

If you are in Melbourne or the suburbs and have to relocate, you will need to book an end of lease cleaning service first to get your bond money back. But if this is your first time booking the service and you don’t know what areas will be cleaned, this discussion will give you an idea.

  • Ceiling and Walls

The cleaners providing bond cleaning service in Melbourne will clean all the areas. But they will begin the cleaning by removing the dirt and dust from the walls and the ceiling of your apartment.

They will start the cleaning process from the ceiling and will then move to the walls and finally to the floor.

During the process, the cleaners will remove cobwebs too using vacuum cleaners and other tools because if the landlord finds an area to be dirty, getting the bond money back can become difficult for you.

The cleaners will remove stains and spots from the walls and the ceiling so that your rooms become spotless.

  • Switchboards and Light Fixtures

After the walls and the ceiling, the professionals providing end of lease cleaning in Melbourne will clean the switchboards, light fixtures, and baseboards with microfiber cloth and specific cleaning solutions. In this process, they will use the microfiber cloth because they are good at removing dust particles and pollen effectively.

Besides, the cleaners will also use vinegar and dishwashing solutions with warm water to remove the stains from these areas to restore their actual look.

Since these are the most-touched areas, to eliminate bacteria and viruses from their surface, the cleaners will mostly use alcohol-based disinfectant.

  • Cleaning Windows and Window Blinds

The cleaners will remove dust and dirt from windows and window blinds. For that, they will mostly use vacuum cleaners along with custom brushes that can quickly remove the accumulated particles on their surface.

If, however, the dust accumulation is too much, the cleaners will use custom vacuum heads with greater suction power to remove the particles.

  • Doors and Staircase Railings

The specialists providing end of lease cleaning in Hoppers Crossing will clean the doors and staircase railings with microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution. After that, they will sanitise the surface by applying an alcohol-based cleaner since they are the most touched areas.

  • Carpet Treatment

Carpets are also cleaned by end of lease cleaners to make your room fresh and tidy.

The cleaners will mostly use steam cleaning equipment to clean the carpet since this is the most effective carpet cleaning solution. It helps remove not just dirt and dust but also stains. Besides, it also removes odours from the carpets.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning

The bond cleaners will clean your bathroom and kitchen extensively since even a few stains in these areas can cost you the bond money.

Generally, cleaning these areas takes longer but reputed cleaners do it anyway so that you do not have to face problems with your bond money.

Expert End of Lease Cleaners at Your Disposal

Apart from Melbourne and Hoppers Crossing, we offer our end of lease cleaning service in Derrimut as well. So, if you are in any of these areas and want to book a service or want a no-obligation quote, call us now.

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