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Easiest Ways to Clean Office Metal Venetian Blinds in less than an Hour!

Most business owners put down the idea of cleaning office blinds considering it to be arduous, time-taking and cumbersome. The way you prioritise deep cleaning the filthy areas of your workplace, your office metal Venetian blinds too, needs routine clean up and maintenance for improved aesthetics and air quality. Regular dust build-up makes office blinds look unkempt and thus, professional clean up is a must to keep looking at their best.

Cleaning office metal Venetian blinds wouldn’t be a chore if you follow the right techniques and equip yourself with the proper tools. Here are some easiest hacks that can make your job less time-consuming during office cleaning in Launceston.

Lightly Clean With a Duster

Before proceeding to clean your metal Venetian blinds, check whether they have developed any sticky stains. If so, gently remove the stains using a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid or a specialised window cleaning spray. Dry the louvres carefully using a paper towel. Next, move your blind to a closed position and use a special duster or a mild cloth. Clean each slat systematically starting from the middle and slowly proceed towards the edges. Once you finish cleaning all the sides of the slats, repeat the same process on the opposite side and make your metal blinds look as good as new post commercial office cleaning in Launceston.

Be Gentle While Cleaning Stains

Regular exposure to outside dirt, stains and grime make Venetian blinds look unsightly and it becomes important to give them a thorough clean up during commercial cleaning in Launceston to protect their aesthetic appearance. If you leave office windows open for a long time, dirt gets stuck on the blinds and over time, develops into black spots. To clean the stains, at first, you need to understand the type of Venetian blinds you have installed in your office. If it’s made up of metal and stains have developed near the corded system, use a cotton ball that can easily get into the spaces. For hard stains, use a soft brush in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure when scrubbing to avoid breaking the slats.

Additional Tips for Cleaning Metal Venetian Blinds

  • It’s not at all wise to use a vacuum cleaner as it not only fails to eliminate sticky stains, oil and grime but damages the delicate blinds permanently.
  • Professional office cleaners in Launceston recommends not to rush the cleaning process as it can cause more damage than good and make the cord vulnerable to snapping.
  • Resort to routine cleaning and maintenance for top-notch protection of your Venetian blinds. It can save a lot of your time and effort and make cleaning a breeze.

Keeping your office blinds free of dust, grime and stains will improve the aesthetic appeal of your space and keep germs at bay. Besides, it will improve the indoor air quality and boost productivity among employees.

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