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Guidelines that Professional Cleaners Follow During COVID 19 Office Cleaning

The COVID19-driven pandemic has thrown new challenges on the cleaning companies. While in the past, their responsibilities were restricted to cleaning, under the changed scenarios, they have to carry sanitisation and disinfection as well, besides the customary cleaning. In particular, when it comes to offering cleaning of public places like offices that deal with a vast number of public at any given point in time, these professional cleaners have to conduct specialised cleaning and follow specific cleaning and disinfecting procedures that are prescribed by the health officials and the government. They are supposed to use specified Govt-approved cleaning and disinfecting procedures and industry- grade cleaning solutions.

Now when it comes to conducting commercial office cleaning in Launceston like anywhere else, these professionals follow certain procedures.

Cleaning Indoor Areas Including Office Spaces

When it comes to cleaning indoor areas, the areas of common access and the active office spaces, the professional cleaners would take on the entire carpet area, including every nook and cranny, the blinds, various surfaces, the office furniture and fittings, drawers and cabinets, desks and desktops. They will clean the office appliances like phones, computers, copying machines, scanners, paper shredders, even the handles of doors and windows, their frames, the windows blinds. Even the switch boards, the charger points, the power points are attended by the office cleaning specialists in Launceston as in any other place.

They Will Use the Best Govt-Approved Tools and Cleaning Products

While carrying out the disinfecting and COVID 19 cleaning, the professionals will use Govt-approved tools and cleaning procedures. For instance, they will use moist microfibre towels to clean up the hard surfaces. While taking on the nook and cranny and hard-to-reach spots of floors and ceilings the professionals will use the fogging disinfection services. When it comes to cleaning the carpets, they will use the best vacuuming tools and industry-grade cleaning products that are eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful and hazardous chemicals.

While carrying out the COVID 19 cleaning, the professional cleaners in Launceston would follow certain precautionary measures, like putting on protective heavy duty gloves and boots, eye guards and facial shields, triple-layered masks, head gears, specialised PPE suits, rubber boots to ensure they never the source of any fresh contamination.

Cleaning the Outdoor Areas Adjacent to the Office Space

When we speak of COVID 19 cleaning it does not include only the interiors of the office areas, but the outdoor areas adjacent to the office space as well. Though the outdoor areas have lesser risk of contamination due to moving air currents and exposure to sunlight, still the professionals will take on places like the parking space, the driveways, the porticos, the walkways and the likes that are within the office premise.

Taking on the Toilets and Pantries

COVID cleaning specialists would put special emphasis on toilets and pantries, cleaning them with cleaning products containing traces of Sodium Hypochlorite for the best results. The objective of their cleaning is to ensure these areas are never sources of any contamination.

Thus you see, COVID19 cleaning of office spaces needs a specialised approach and for that, if you are in Launceston, KAN Cleaning Solutions Launceston is the best name to turn to. Call us at 0480 274 991 for an appointment.

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