How Professional Cleaners Clean Pest Infested Carpets at Homes?

If you are facing a pest infestation in your home, you can consider that the insects are hiding inside your carpets as well as it is made of fibres and thus is a good hiding place. To remove the insects and to make the carpet fully clean, you will need to hire expert cleaners in Launceston, proficient at eliminating pests along with the dirt, dust, etc. on the carpets.

Now let us see how the cleaners treat these carpets at homes.

  • High-Intensity Vacuuming

The aim of the cleaner providing carpet cleaning in Launceston is not just to remove the dirt and dust but also to remove the insect larvae from the carpets. So, after arriving at your home and inspecting the carpet, the cleaners carry out high-intensity vacuuming. That is, attaching a special nozzle to the vacuum cleaner and running it over your carpet at full force so that it can suck the insect eggs as well.

  • Using Boric Acid

After vacuuming, the cleaning professionals sprinkle boric acid on the carpets as it instantly kills the insect larvae.

The acid attaches itself to the body of the insects and then kills them quickly, thus helping the cleaners to make the cleaning process quick. However, after sprinkling boric acid on the surface of the carpets, the cleaners will need to wait for around two hours before they can move to the next step.

  • Adding Insecticides for Better Effect

If the cleaners providing residential carpet cleaning in Launceston notice that the number of insects is harder to control even with the boric acid, they may use certain insecticides as well to kill the pests.

They may use special insect killers or the ones most commonly found in the market. They will either mix the insecticides with the boric acid or sprinkle them separately to eliminate the pests.

  • Fogging

When you have a pest infestation in your home, the insects will not just hide in your carpets but in other areas too. So, the cleaners might resort to fogging as it is a highly effective solution for eliminating pests in your home.

But since the aim is to clean the pest infested carpet, the cleaners might use the fog dispenser only for the room where the carpet is placed. And after the treatment, they will move to the next step.

  • Using Vinegar Solution

This step is followed by the cleaners either before the fogging or after it.

Though vinegar is not effective against insects, it is effective against stains that are hard to remove. So, the cleaners will spray vinegar on the areas where spots or stains are visible and leave the solution for a few minutes before they move to the steam cleaning process.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning of carpets is done by all reputed cleaners in Launceston as it not only removes the dirt, dust, allergens and other particles, it also helps in removing the insect eggs that are present deep inside the carpet, and this is the final step of making a pest-infested carpet clean.

Thus, if you have a pest-infested carpet, you should always hire seasoned cleaners. Otherwise, if the larvae are not eliminated, you will face another infestation soon.

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