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How to Disinfect Your Home and Office from COVID 19? – An Expert’s View

The dreaded COVID 19 virus has taken a disastrous toll on every corner of the world. Not only has it left businesses all over the world to an absolute standstill, but it has also claimed a humongous number of lives all over the globe. The exact figure of deaths from COVID 19 at the time of writing this page stands at 797, 665 as of August 21, 2020, 1117 hours GMT, and it is still rising relentlessly. That itself describes the gravity of the situation.

As things stand now, despite the efforts of various countries to come up with a credible vaccine, it can very well be said that we have to live with the virus. It is not showing any sign waning off in the foreseeable future. Therefore, we need to learn to live with it and fight it out of our life to stay safe and healthy while we carry on with our daily chores. Offices and businesses have opened and the lockdown is being relaxed more and more as people are getting back to their lives, setting the wheel of the economy that has been static all these months, rolling yet again. Here is why keeping our homes and workplaces clean has become the most important aspect of survival these days. The Governments of every country, as per the dictums from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have come up with some set guidelines for staying safe and clean. State governments of Australia are no different. Thus, if you are to stay safe at your home and the office, you need to keep them clean and disinfected.

Cleaning your Home

House Cleaning

Do not do the cleaning yourself. COVID cleaning is different from regular cleaning. Hence, you need to hire professionals. But why? Here’s the answer!

  • These house cleaning professionals have adequate training on how to conduct COVID cleaning and this makes all the difference.
  • They will put on protective gears like PPEs, gloves, masks and face shield for protection.
  • They would carry out special cleaning procedures like fog sanitization with the help of state of the art machines to ensure every nook and corner of your home is cleaned and then they would follow it up with manual cleaning of hard as well as soft surfaces and the high areas to ensure they are disinfected thoroughly.
  • For the cleaning and sanitization process, they would use eco-friendly, govt-approved, hospital-grade cleaning agents, and disinfectants.
  • They would put special emphasis on the kitchen and the bathroom, the carpets, mattresses, rugs, and upholstery to do a deep cleaning to eliminate any chance of infestation of the virus.
  • They will clean the window curtains and blinds and ensure that the indoor atmosphere is healthy to perfection.

Cleaning your Office

Office Cleaning

When it comes to conducting COVID cleaning your office, it is all the same with the only difference being the cleaning has to be more intense and has to be a bit more widespread.

  • They will take care of the high touch areas like door and desk knobs and handles, the chairs and tables, work stations, the laptops, the mobiles, and the PCs, notably the mousses and monitors, the keyboards, and the pen drives, the desk telephones, and other appliances.
  • They would take care of the pantry and the common dining space of the office and the toilets to ensure that they are disinfected comprehensively.
  • They would also put more emphasis on the entry and exit points and the area around them, though this will apply to home cleaning as well.

Therefore you see, you see, when it comes to COVID 19 cleaning, things are a bit different. Hence, the best step for you will be to hire a seasoned home and office cleaning company that has been in this business for years. What better name can you opt for, than KAN Cleaning Solutions? To book an appointment, call us at 0451257869


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