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How to Know Whether Your Carpet Needs Professional Steam Cleaning?

A well-decorated carpet accentuates the aesthetic appeal of your home and makes your property welcoming for guests but what if your carpet starts giving off a foul smell? Imagine a situation where you have invited your office colleagues for dinner and they suddenly discover pet dander on the fabrics!  Instead of finding yourself in such an embarrassing condition, it’s better to deep clean your carpet regularly and treat stains, mould, grime and spills immediately, rather than allowing them to settle. Steam cleaning by professionals once a week can eliminate the common carpet invaders and protect its lustre for years.

If you come across any of these telltale signs of carpet damage, don’t delay and call skilled specialists for immediate and effective treatment.

  • Allergens & Bacteria Ridden Carpet

Carpets are favourite breeding grounds for dust mites, bacteria and pollens and lack of routine maintenance instigate them to multiply and spread throughout the home, resulting in a highly contaminated environment. Bacteria and pollens get stuck inside the intricate weavings and eventually circulate indoors which can’t be removed by DIY vacuuming. Professionals offering residential carpet cleaning in Melbourne know the best tricks to eradicate allergens quickly and keep the hygiene of your home intact.

  • Foul Smell Coming Off Your Carpet

Musty odour coming off from your carpet is a telltale sign that your carpet has become filthy.  Foul smell badly affects the indoor air quality and poses severe threats to the health of your family members. Excessive use of water during steam cleaning or untreated pet stains is usually responsible for a foul smell. Additionally, a carpet that hasn’t been well-dried post carpet cleaning in Broadmeadows would surely develop mould and give off an unpleasant odour. If your family members are falling sick frequently or having constant sneezing, coughing or undergoing respiratory disorders, you should immediately call professionals offering carpet steam cleaning in Derrimut for proven treatments.

  • Traces of Mould Infestation

Mould and mildews are major carpet invaders that wreck havoc on the health of the fabrics and make them look dull and worn out early. A carpet that is already soiled and stained would surely develop mould and thus, you should never attempt treating mould single-handedly using harsh chemicals to prevent the risk of discolouration. Mould infested carpet is a clear sign that you need to hire professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne for extended longevity and reduced damage.

  • Discoloured Carpet

If you own a furry friend, it’s likely to come across pesky pet stains on carpet at some point in time. Pets love to play on the mushy fabrics and they might pee on them which can make your carpet wet and bacteria-ridden. Moreover, pet hair, outside dirt carried by paws are recurring carpet chores that may prove to be unhygienic for your kids and elderly members and lead to skin infections, itchiness or redness followed by carpet discolouration. So if your pets spend a lot of time indoors, it’s better to schedule regular appointments for carpet cleaning in Hoppers Crossing for improved safety and extended lifespan of the fabrics.

Are you dealing with a filthy carpet? At KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne, our trained pro’s can eliminate pesky carpet chores using organic detergents and restore the former glory of your carpet post carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. We specialise in dry carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, vacuuming, disinfection and sanitisation and extend the longevity of your pricey masterpiece in the coming years. For high-quality carpet cleaning at affordable rates, reach us now!

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