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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning in Launceston

As your carpets are the largest and most-used floor covers in your home or commercial space; it is bound to pick up dust, dirt, grime and other filth. With continued use and more exposure to foot traffic over time; these dirt accumulations build-up and cause your expensive floor coverings to look drab, old, ugly and even smelly.

Plus, accidents like frequent spills or stains from food also deteriorate your carpet and prove very difficult to remove using DIY cleaning methods. As much tempting as it may be to replace your stained carpet with a new one; their expensive nature make you second guess and wonder if only there was an easier way to remove these stubborn stains and restore your carpet’s lost shine?

Carpet Cleaning Launceston

KAN CLEANING SOLUTIONS – your reliable carpet cleaning company in Launceston believes Carpet Steam cleaning also known as Hot-Water Extraction Method to be the answer!

This specialised method guarantees 95% removal of germs, bacteria, filth, dirt, dust and other microscopic contaminants which exist deep down inside its fabrics.

Our specialised carpet steam cleaning treatment offered all across Launceston is an environment-friendly process which involves no use of any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products which could hamper your carpet fabrics.

It primarily uses hot-water steam which is sprayed over your carpet surface to kill any present germs, dust, bacteria and other contaminations. It even extracts the dissolved soiling deep down and helps to break down those adamant stains. Furthermore, this steam treatment also ensures your carpet dries off quickly and prevents any chance of mould/mildew growth.

Carpet Steam Cleaners Launceston

Why Choose Us As Your Cleaning Partner in Launceston?

  • We always offer 100% cleaning satisfaction on every booking
  • Our cleaning rates are reasonable and as per the industry standards
  • Our carpet cleaners in Launceston are highly experienced and will comprehensively work over your carpet to remove any traces of germs and filth from its surface
  • They have the tools and knowledge to tackle all types of stains like –vomit stains, ink stains, pet urine stains, wine stains, blood stains, food spills and more
  • After cleaning, we will even present your carpets with a deodorising treatment to remove any stinks present
  • We operate 7-days a week and cater to the needs of all commercial and residential carpet steam cleaning requirements across Launceston
Our comprehensive carpet steam cleaning will result in no damage to your carpets. In fact, we believe this technique to be the most effective method for – carpets at high-trafficked areas, commercial carpets, stinking carpets and even synthetic carpets.

After our expert carpet steam cleaners serving in Launceston finish working on your carpets; they will appear softer, fresher and vibrant like when you purchased it.

Our Cleaning Process Includes the Following

  • Pre-inspection of the carpet
  • Thoroughly vacuuming the carpet
  • Pre-spot and stain treatment with a special solution to cripple bonded grime and dirt
  • Pre-brushing to remove loose surface grime and dirt from the carpet surface
  • Cleaning with Hot-Water Extraction method
  • Stain Removal treatment depending on the carpet’s condition and fabrics
  • Protecting and grooming the carpet during the drying process
  • Deodorising the carpet surface

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We will restore the lost shine and charm of your carpets in super quick time!

Carpet Steam Cleaners Launceston
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