Aged Care Cleaning Bundoora

Professional, Reliable & Safe Aged Care Cleaning in Bundoora

Taking care of elderly in aged care facilities requires higher standard of cleaning and
KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne has already set a benchmark in the industry in terms of providing quality and safe aged care cleaning in Bundoora using tried and tested disinfectants at a pocket-friendly price. Having extensive experience and strong professional background, we offer advanced cleaning that goes beyond fulfilling the basic health & safety requirements and keeps the facilities 100% safe and germ-free.

Since our inception, we have been striving to deliver seamless aged care cleaning as per the standard health and safety protocols issued by the concerned healthcare authorities to protect the elderly from chances of cross-contamination. The reason behind our goodwill lies in our streamlined approach, acumen, professional skills, and innovative cleaning strategies that surpass traditional cleaning methods and keep aged care facilities highly disinfected and sanitised.

Aged Care Cleaning Bundoora

High-Quality Aged Care Cleaning in Bundoora: Quality & Compliance Assured!

At KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne, we have developed long-term business relationships with our valued clients and excel in our quality of work, commitments, and professionalism.

  • Our skilled and trained pros have solid trade experience in aged care cleaning in Bundoora.
  • We are experts in handling the nuisances involved in aged care cleaning.
  • Accredited cleaning experts cater to the health and safety aspects of employees.

Our cleaners are compassionate and have an exceptional eye for detail. Before starting off with the cleaning job, we conduct risk assessments and identify the major germ-hotspots which help in simplifying our task and protect the well-being of the elderly. As professionally trained aged care professionals, we keep safety aspects at the top of our priority list and put forth every possible effort to control germs and protect the aged citizens from chances of cross-contamination.

Aged Care Cleaning Service Bundoora

Our End-to-End Aged Care Cleaning Checklist Covers

  • Floors:
    We pay special care and attention while treating stains and spills from floors and offer meticulous cleaning including mopping, vacuuming and sweeping.
  • Furniture & Assets:
    Our specialists dust, vacuum and deep clean high-touch objects such as couch, chairs, tables, switchboards to mitigate chances of cross-contamination.
  • Deep Cleaning Nursing Areas:
    Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising nursing zones help in controlling bacterial spread and keep deadly virus at bay.
  • Kitchens:
    We disinfect every nook and corner of your kitchen and laundry including shelves, drawers, floors, sinks, utensils, and surfaces to keep the areas sanitised.
  • Common Areas:
    Our trained aged care specialists immaculate common areas such as corridors, living rooms, lobbies, hallways and control the spread of airborne diseases to a considerable extent, thereby keeping the health and safety aspects intact.
Aged Care Cleaners Bundoora

Germ-Free Aged Care at a Minimal Cost: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne, we aim to make aged care facilities in Bundoora pristine clean and spotless to protect the health of the elderly from deadly germs, bacteria, and allergens! Our cleaning practises are non-disruptive, quick, and hassle-free. As elderly members are most vulnerable to infections and allergies, we make every possible effort to keep their safety aspects intact using premium organic solvents and sterilised equipment to ensure a healthy, comfortable, and hygienic place to live and visit.

Speciality of Our Cleaners

  • Trained and certified
  • Compassionate
  • Punctual
  • Courteous and patient
  • Police-verified

Get in touch with KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne and book an appointment for healthy and hygienic aged care facilities at the lowest quoted price. Our work will surely exceed your expectations! HURRY! BOOK NOW!

Aged Care Cleaning Professionals Bundoora

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