Aged Care Cleaning

Tailored Aged Care Cleaning Service in Melbourne by Licensed Professionals

When it comes to cleaning, aged care cleaning forms one of the most important factors and for quite obvious reasons. The health and wellbeing of senior citizens are one of the top most priorities of any professional cleaning company. It’s the same with us at KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne. We have at our disposal, some of the most qualified, licensed and experienced professionals, who would go all the way to come up with some high quality aged care cleaning services in Melbourne.

Why Aged Care Cleaning is So Important?

The frail and aged are more prone to sickness caused by viruses, bacteria, and other germs & pollutants than people of lower age groups. Thus, these contaminants, if not addressed and arrested timely, can spread quickly, wreaking havoc. Thus, an aged care facility that is not cleaned, sanitised, and maintained appropriately with proper cleaning products techniques, can very well turn out to be particularly risky for the aged and frail, with every chance of cross-contamination that may cause serious health issues for them. This is where aged care cleaning comes into play and KAN Cleaning Solutions play a pivotal role in this scenario.

We Establish a Safe & Secure Environment through some spotless Aged Care Cleaning in Melbourne

Indeed so!! As cleanliness of elder care facilities are crucial to the wellbeing of the senior citizens and protecting them from being infected by critical illness, maintaining a clean, sanitized, and tidy environment is imperative. We at KAN Cleaning Solutions do exactly that! Thus, CONTACT US now if you are looking forward to keeping your aged day care facility perfectly clean and sanitised.

Why Choose Us for Aged Care Cleaning in Melbourne?

At KAN Cleaning Solutions, we understand that when it comes to cleaning, the aged care centres, it is not merely cleaning thoroughly and meeting our clients’ expectations. This is also about ensuring that every aspect of the cleaning strictly adheres to every regulatory standard, set out by the Government. Thus, with the best and the most qualified and aged care cleaning professionals in Melbourne, we set new standards of cleaning with the use of the best and eco-friendly cleaning products and the best techniques.
Our aged care cleaning services comply with:

  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • Department of Health for Self Audits and Site Checks
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations
  • National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines
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