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Some Facts in Regards to Carpet Steam Cleaning and COVID-19

The COVID-19-driven pandemic is showing no signs of waning. As on 26th September 2021, the total number of active COVID cases in Australia is yet again on the rise and stands at 19,944, while the number of fatalities stands at 1,231.  In Victoria, the number of active cases stands to the tune of 33,967.

Thus you see, there is a need to follow a very high degree of alertness in every quarter to remain safe and healthy. We cannot effort to let things spiral out of hand, so much so that the state is compelled to get into a total lockdown yet again. Under the circumstances, businesses offering cleaning services in and around Melbourne have to take up the responsibility of keeping the households and other properties clean and safe. And in their efforts to do so, the most trustworthy aspect of their service that they depend on, is steam cleaning. There are specific reasons for it.

Coronavirus, including the present novel strain COVID 19 and its newest Delta strain mainly spread through droplets that emit from an individual’s nose and mouth sneezing and coughing. In the process, they land on surfaces and objects that come in their way. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning surfaces, steam cleaning turns out to be the best and the most effective methods adopted by professionals offering carpet cleaning in Hampton or other Melbourne suburbs. But all said and done, you need to know certain facts in regards to steam cleaning to get rid of the coronavirus.

How Long Does the Corona Virus Survive on Carpet?

As per the virologists, the infectious lifespan of COVID 19 depends upon the humidity and temperature of the location and the porosity of the surfaces that host the virus. The experts are of the opinion that that virus can survive from 2 hours to as many as 9/10 days. This is where comprehensive steam cleaning and sanitation service by carpet steam cleaning professionals in Collingwood or other suburbs of Melbourne will make all the difference in quick removal of the virus and decontamination of the carpet surfaces.

Are the Carpers Really as Clean and Fresh as They Look?

Looks at times can very well be deceiving! This becomes all the more evident when we discuss the look and feel and cleanliness of carpets. A carpet that apparently looks clean and fresh might actually be far from being so. This is where they need to be steam cleaned.   The fibrous texture of the surface of the carpets would act as an air filter at your property, trapping all the dirt and dust as well as the pathogens. However, with time, they get overwhelmed with all these elements, and though not visible, will be a risk for your health. This is where steam cleaning by carpet cleaning experts in Fitzroy will make all the difference.

Steam Cleaning Is a MUST

In the wake of the pandemic, steam cleaning has become a very effective way of getting rid of the virus. This is the reason, every carpet steam cleaning professionals in Elwood like anywhere else would play an important role in cleaning and sanitisation of carpets under the present circumstances.

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