Aged Care Cleaning

Standard Procedures of Aged Care Cleaning – A Bird’s Eye View

When it comes to carrying out cleaning and disinfecting aged care facilities, professionals have to follow certain standard procedures, not only to meet the cleaning objectives, but to meet the set standards and procedures pertaining to cleaning of aged care facilities in Melbourne and suburbs. The experts conducting the cleaning would follow documented cleaning procedures, which will ensure that the facilities are left in the best of conditions, as far  as cleanliness and hygiene is concerned.

Disinfecting Surfaces

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, including the floors, the aged care cleaning agents in Fawkner and other Melbourne suburbs would take the best measures, using the best tools  and cleaning products. The reason is understandable – surfaces, regardless of  their types, turn out to be nice breeding grounds for a wide variety of pathogens  that can contaminate other high touch objects. The experts would use microfibre cloths that are supposed to capture dust particles. This in turn will reduce the airborne dust particles, thereby helping to have clean indoor air.  Moreover, the experts will wipe surfaces using a solution of neutral detergent and warm water and then rinse them, to prevent any resident exposure to the chemicals. Thus, these aged care cleaning specialists in Hawthorn or other suburbs of Melbourne always pay more attention to other high touch surfaces like doorknobs, dresses, windows, bed linens and the like.

Cleaning bathrooms and other moist areas

High qualified experts from an aged care cleaning company in Hawthorn will take special care of the surfaces that are exposed to moisture, as these are the surfaces that turn out to be perfect  breeding beds for bacteria. Besides floors and walls, they will take care of every nook and cranny of toilets, washbasins and sinks, tubs and showers, scrubbing their surfaces thoroughly.

Wet & Dry Mopping

Dry mopping, which is also termed as dust mopping, is conducted by the aged care facility cleaning company experts in Southbank or other Melbourne suburbs before they get on with wet mopping. This unique cleaning order will reprotect the water used for mopping from getting contaminated. Thus, ths custodian, in charge of cleaning an aged care facility in Southbank will ensure perfection while cleaning. In most of the cases, the cleaners will use disposable clothes to minimise exposure to infectious pathogens.

Disinfecting the biohazards

Aged care facilities are often intimidated by exposure to body fluids like blood, vomit and human faeces and urine. These are typical biohazards that may cause alarming consequences. Thus, the aged care cleaning specialists  in South Yarra as any other place will take special emphasis to have those spills removed and sanitise the surfaces. To do so, they will use specialise spill mops to deal with these biohazards. The absorbent mob heads will turn the liquid into gels and prevent further leaks. After having removed the hazardous material, the experts conducting aged care cleaning in Melbourne suburbs sanitise the spots with absolute haste, for preventing any further spread of disease.

Waste disposal

Professionals offering aged care facility cleaning in and around Melbourne, generally have to deal with three types of waste – general, clinical and pharmaceutical cleaning Besides, they also offer laundry and equipment maintenance.

So you see, when you hire seasoned experts from aged care facility cleaning companies will offer comprehensive cleaning that entails practically everything. KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne is the best name offering such comprehensive service.

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