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The DO’s & DON’Ts of Residential Carpet Cleaning You Should Always Keep in Mind

A well-decorated carpet raises the charm of the interior decor and elevates the visual aesthetics of a home if it’s maintained in a pristine condition. Regular exposure to dust, pet stains, food spills and dust particles ruin the lustre and makes carpet look dull before the expected time. Most homeowners who consider carpet cleaning to be a DIY job, fail to understand the intricacies of handling a delicate centrepiece and end up making some costly blunders. To avoid any such mishap and retain the pristine shine and glory of your carpet for years, here are some carpet cleaning DO’s and DON’Ts you should always keep in mind.

DO’s of Carpet Cleaning

Regular Dusting & Vacuuming:

Carpet acts as a magnet to dirt, allergens and pollens which gradually stick to the fabrics and nest on it. Regular dusting and vacuuming with specialised carpet cleaning equipment is a must to avoid dirt build-up and mitigate the risk of contamination. If you don’t want to compromise on the lustre and mushy feel of the fabrics, perform regular vacuuming to keep your carpet in good shape for years. 

Clean with the Right Tools & Equipment:

Carpet fibers are delicate and using wrong cleaning equipment can overburden your pocket with hefty dollars. Using the right scraping tool for removing dirt-build up can prevent breakage of the fabrics and maintain your centrepiece in good shape. Heavy-duty equipment can not only break the fibers but compel you to opt for a brand new replacement sooner than expected.

Blot Stains As Quickly As Possible:

If you have a furry friend at home, stains and spills are likely to happen. Blot stains and spills by professional carpet cleaners in Launceston the moment you encounter a mishap to prevent further spread and minimise the risk of carpet discolouration. Leaving stains unattended for long can ruin the shine and mushy feel of the fabrics and make your carpet look filthy.

DON’Ts of Carpet Cleaning

Scrubbing Stains Too Hard:

It’s never a good idea to scrub stains and spills with too much force as it can break the fabrics apart and cause stains to spread to the unaffected areas.  Moreover, scrubbing stains too hard can wear away the lustre and make your brand new carpet look filthy.

Using Toxic Cleaning Detergents:

Each carpet fabric is different and so are their cleaning requirements. You need to apply detergents after checking it’s chemical composition to mitigate the risk of discolouration. Toxic chemicals or harsh detergents leave behind unsightly spots and make your carpet look outdated.

Dumping Gallons of Water During Steam Cleaning:

Homeowners who consider residential carpet steam cleaning in Launceston to be a DIY job dump gallons of water which penetrates the padding and triggers the potential of mould growth and mildews. Therefore, it’s always recommended to hire professional cleaners to avoid any such blunder.

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