Bond Cleaning

Time-Saving Tips to Make Bond Cleaning Quick & Fuss-Free

Moving is always a stressful ordeal and eats up a significant amount of time if not planned and scheduled early.  Whether you are vacating a giant space or small home, thorough cleaning of every nook and corner of the property is inevitable to get full refund and that’s when most tenants seem to have nightmares. End of lease cleaning differs from regular house cleaning and is more detailed. To exceed the landlord’s expectations, you need to invest a sufficient amount of time and have proven skills in cleaning. However, if you are working professional, these time-saving tips can expedite your vacate cleaning task and make it fuss-free.

Prepare a Checklist in Advance

A checklist immensely helps in staying organised during bond cleaning and makes it less troublesome for tenants especially, who are moving for the first time. List the high-traffic areas of your home that require deep cleaning by professional end of lease cleaners in Launceston and equip yourself with industry-compliant equipment and organic cleaning supplies to execute the task impeccably. Identify the major germ hotspots such as carpet, upholstery, furnishings and schedule cleaning as per your convenience.

Dispose of Things That Are Unwanted!

Sorting and decluttering home a week before the final move-out date is key to successful relocation and takes you a step closer to secure your bond money. Declutter unnecessary items such as old newspapers, magazines, used containers, broken furniture parts etc., and dispose them to expedite house cleaning in Launceston. A clutter-free home takes less time to clean and help you avoid from breaking a sweat amidst the chaos of relocation. 

Schedule Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning a Week Before Move-Out

Carpet and upholstery bear the most abuse and cleaning can lead to chaos and mess if left for the last-minute job. Even if you vacuum and spot clean them regularly, traces of dirt, residues and stains may prevail for which specialised carpet cleaning in Launceston by professionals becomes essential. Landlords are overly picky during lease inspection and shabby carpets or soiled upholstery can agitate them to the extent of withholding your bond. To make relocation less chaotic and arduous, it’s wise to schedule cleaning a week before the move-out date for a guaranteed refund.

Book Professional Bond Cleaners a Month Before Move-Out

Bond cleaning is not an overnight job and tenants who undertake a DIY approach without having proper knowledge, end up with chaos at the final hour of move-out. Moreover, end of lease cleaning requires heavy-duty cleaning tools and equipment which may not be possible to arrange alone. Thus, it will be a smart move to hire professional end of lease cleaning services in Launceston where the experts will immaculate every corner and household belongings with care and make your rental apartment ready for the lease inspection. 

Is Your Lease Agreement Going to Expire Soon? Dial Us Now & Relax!

Why waste your weekend in a tedious bond cleaning job when experts are there to assist you? At KAN Cleaning Solutions Launceston, our skilled professionals can immaculate your rental apartment quickly and efficiently and help you relocate with peace of mind. Equipped with industry-compliant tools and professional equipment, we deep clean every corner with perfection to ensure you qualify end of lease inspection successfully!  Schedule an appointment if you are approaching your move-out and get 100% bond back guarantee!

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