Bod Cleaning Checklist

Ultimate Bond Cleaning Checklist You Must Follow for 100% Refund

Relocating to a new place has never been so easy and bond cleaning seems to be an added stress especially for tenants who lack time, skills and expertise. For people who still manage to get some time out of their busy schedule, rolling up their sleeves and undertaking the strenuous work might seem to be an easy solution while moving out but without a proper end of lease cleaning checklist, their effort won’t yield desired results.

If your relocation date is near and you want to make it quick, effective and stress-free, here’s this blog uncovering the most useful checklist you might be searching for long.

Planning is Key

Bond cleaning isn’t a cakewalk or an overnight job which you can easily complete in a jiffy! You need to plan in advance and make a proper schedule of work to expedite the process.

Plan Your Schedule

Professional vacate cleaners roughly takes 2-4 hours to clean a small apartment and 4-7 hours for a giant space, however, if you are taking the plunge of bond cleaning in Melbourne on your own, you need to prepare your own schedule of cleaning job depending upon the size and condition of your property. Having plenty of things to clean and leaving too little time to finish the job can result in a mess and trigger the risk of potential damages. So it’s your take to make out time for vacate cleaning, or in case you feel your work schedule won’t permit that, don’t hesitate to seek professional’s help.

Declutter Your Home

The key to successful bond cleaning starts by sorting and disposing of your unwanted stuff. Used containers, old newspapers, worn out floor mats, torn clothes contribute a lot to the clutter and hinder the process of exit cleaning. Another major reason for emptying your home is to identify unnecessary items and lessen your load of carrying them to your new place. In case you are unable to shift the heavy furniture or declutter your space on your own, hire a team of proficient professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to assist you in the job.

Gather the Right Tools & Supplies

End of lease cleaning requires more than you to complete the job on time. Before diving into the work, equip yourself with necessary tools and supplies for a more specific and pristine cleaning job. Here’s what you may need at your disposal:

  • Brush and dustpan
  • Gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet steam cleaning equipment
  • Scraping tools
  • Organic cleaning detergents
  • Paper towels
  • Newspapers
  • Bucket
  • Ladder

These are some basic tools and supplies that can make your job quick, effective and stress-free. However, if your house lacks any of these supplies, you can ask the professional bond cleaners to arrange it for you.

Why Bear Unwanted Stress When We Are There to Help?

 At KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne, we comprise of a team of young, dynamic and professional vacate cleaners who can make your relocation quick and hassle-free! Using state-of-the-art tools, equipment and supplies, we make sure you get 100% security refund by providing you with the best bond cleaning in Melbourne and that too, without breaking your bank! So put an end to your unwanted worries and delegate the job to our professionals for guaranteed results!

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