What are the Risks of Using Wrong Cleaning Supplies During Office Cleaning?

In the light of Covid-19 outbreak, high-quality commercial cleaning has gained predominance like ever before. Business entities around the globe are focusing on upgrading and maintaining the cleanliness of their workplace to the highest standards to mitigate the spread of contagious viruses and bacteria. However, one thing which most business owners fail to realise that cleaning detergents have a significant impact on the overall health and hygiene of the workplace and using incorrect cleaning supplies or harsh solvents can fetch potential risks of damage and trigger the potential of severe health ailments among employees.

Each surface type is different and so is their cleaning requirement. Using the right cleaning product for the right surface can help you maintain a clean and safe environment. On the contrary, using wrong cleaning supplies can leave behind permanent marks or unsightly spots and can even damage some materials. 

Using the right cleaning detergents while disinfecting high-traffic areas in an office is the only way to get rid of dirt, grime, bacteria and pathogens and application of proper disinfectants on appropriate surfaces is the best way to protect the health and hygiene of the workplace. For instance, using an inappropriate cleaning solution on a hardwood floor can damage the top coat finish and if you are using a cleaning solvent on tiled flooring that is too acidic, you may cause major structural damages to the flooring. Professional office cleaners in Launceston know what detergents would be suitable for cleaning surfaces such as tiled floors, carpets, kitchen countertops, cabinets and protect your pricey investment from major damages.

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Potential Threats of Using Ineffective Cleaning Disinfectants

Many business owners are not aware of the negative effects that come from using improper cleaning solutions. In the best case, using the wrong cleaning solution can be harmless but it can prove to be ineffective while cleaning hard stains or smudges on a messy area. Using harsh chemicals on delicate surfaces can leave behind streaks on glass surfaces, windows, countertops and damage the other areas of your office. 

Health Risks Associated with Toxic Detergents

Using toxic solvents on various types of flooring and surfaces can not only harm the environment but pose severe health ailments among employees. Some hazardous commercial cleaning detergents contain chemicals which are:

  • Toxic
  • Flammable
  • Potent
  • Harmful

Additionally, certain chemical compositions emit toxic fumes that can cause major respiratory troubles for employees, who are asthmatic and allergic, lung disorders, skin irritations and increase the number of sick leaves. Inhalation of toxic gases can also lead to vomiting, chest pain, sickness, nausea, breathing problems. Certified and experienced cleaners in Launceston possess the acumen and skill set to understand the chemical compositions of different cleaning solutions and applies the most effective solvent during office cleaning for top-notch safety of the workplace.

At KAN Cleaning Solutions Melbourne, our professionally trained and skilled specialists offer meticulous office cleaning using industry-compliant equipment and organic solvents and make your workplace pristine clean and spotless. Having extensive experience in office cleaning, our office cleaners in Launceston have surpassed major competitors by virtue of our quality, workmanship and standard and have earned recognition from esteemed clientele due to our commitment. If you are dealing with a filthy office and want to keep the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace intact, book an appointment today at the lowest quote!

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