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Why Hot Water Extraction Method is Best for Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning?

It goes without saying that a well-decorated carpet and impeccably maintained upholstered furniture contribute a lot in elevating the interior decor and boosting the curb appeal of a property.  It offers a welcoming vibe and leaves a positive remark on guests visiting your house for the first time. However, your investment would make sense if you resort to routine care and maintenance of your assets. For properties which are rigorously used or having large family residing, it’s likely to have more windows to clean, stubborn stains to deal with, huge laundries to wash and many more. With that, the task of regular upkeep of carpet and upholstery also becomes a necessity to protect the health and hygiene of your home.

But What’s the Best Way to Deal with Carpet & Upholstery Stains?

Carpet plays an integral role when it comes to adding a wow-factor to the interiors but at the same time, harbours pesky germs and allergens which can lead to severe health ailments if left untreated for months. Regular exposure to outside dirt, pet stains; grime and grease wear away the lustre and make carpet and upholstery fabrics a prime hotspot for bacteria and microbes. Even though you perform regular vacuuming with a high-efficiency filter, you may not be able to eradicate germs stuck inside the soiled fabrics which is why professional upholstery cleaning in Launceston by industry experts becomes necessary to keep the hygiene of your place unhampered.

Compelling Reasons to Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Clean With Hot Water Extraction Method

  • Improved Air Quality: Dirt, germs and pollutants stuck inside the fabrics for months get mixed into the air and spreads throughout the home, putting the health of your family members at stake. Advanced steam cleaning by professional truck-mounted equipment prevents the spread of bacterial infestations and lead to improved air quality.
  • Extended Lifespan of Carpet: Hot water extraction method is surging in popularity in recent years as it can eliminate dirt stuck deep inside the fabrics and make carpet last in good health for years.
  • Improved Appearance & Feel: Unlike any other cleaning method, upholstery steam cleaning with specialised truck-mounted equipment scrape off dirt from inside and make the fabrics fluffier than before. Additionally, it restores the mushy feel of fabrics without fetching any risk of discolouration or damage.
  • Zero Chances of Allergies: Elderly members or asthmatic patients are mostly vulnerable to allergens that spread from filthy carpets. Hot water extraction method is a practical solution of breaking the particles and causing zero occurrences of microbes. It eliminates dirt and prevents it’s spread into the air which helps in inhaling germ-free air.

Why is the Hot Water Extraction Method so Popular?

Since it becomes difficult for working professionals to resort to routine care and maintenance of their carpet and upholstery, hiring professional cleaners is a wise option for getting impeccable results. Professionals resort to advanced cleaning techniques such as hot water extraction, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning etc of which the former has always proven to be extremely effective and beneficial for treating soiled fabrics. Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is a process of injecting a heated cleaning agent at standard pressure and extracting it back in the same motion. Truck-mounted cleaning equipment absorbs dirt, grime and spores from the fabrics and an excellent choice for residential carpet cleaning in Launceston.

Here Are a Few More Benefits of Choosing Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe cleaning technique
  • Zero residues

Why splurge on a brand new replacement when you can restore your carpet to its former glory at a pocket-friendly price? Partner with KAN Cleaning Solutions Launceston and experience the difference we make to your pricey assets. For advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning in Launceston at a budgeted price, speak to our consultant today!

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