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No. 1 Upholstery Cleaning in Launceston: Trusted, Professional & Insured

Are you in search of the best upholstery cleaning services in Launceston? Kan Cleaning Solutions is here to end your woes for good. Our team comprises of highly skilled pro’s who use non-toxic detergents and advanced cleaning methods to eliminate sticky stains, dirt and debris from your upholstery fabrics and restore them to their former glory in less than an hour!

Upholstery Cleaning Launceston

5 Star Rated Upholstery Cleaning Services is Possible With Us

  • Industry-compliant cleaning tools
  • Budget-friendly pricing 365 days
  • Pet-friendly cleaning detergents
  • Flexible booking slots
  • Eco-friendly cleaning methods
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Certified and skilled cleaners
Upholstery Steam Cleaning Launceston

Professional Upholstery Cleaning-Why It’s a Must?

Over time and regular use, upholstered furniture undergoes natural degradation and become soiled. Dirty and grimy upholstery not only demeans the visual appeal of your property but invite potential hazards for kids, pets and elderly family members.

Here’s why hiring professional upholstery cleaning is essential:

  • Improve Health & Hygiene: Couch and lounge are the most used furniture items in any household and harbours germs, pollens and allergens. Bacteria, fungus and dust mites embedded on the fabrics fetch potential health hazards such as asthma, respiratory troubles, breathing problems and allergies if not treated on time. Professionals offering upholstery steam cleaning in Launceston uses high-grade industry-compliant tools to eliminate germs from deep inside the fabrics and keep your health and hygiene intact.
  • Enhance the Visual Aesthetics: Professional upholstery cleaning in Launceston can help you restore the brand-new look of your couch, sofa sets, recliners and furniture and maintain the pristine shine for long. Our experts scrape off dirt, grime and debris from every crept of your upholstered furniture to ensure the glory and visual appeal of your home isn’t compromised. Deep upholstery cleaning once in a month by professional cleaners can enhance the visual appeal of your home and make your investment worth every dollar.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Most homeowners don’t realise their couch, lounge and sofa set harbour dust mites, germs and allergens and they multiply over time if not treated by professionals. Allergies and bacterial infection give rise to potential health hazards such as respiratory troubles and people who are prone to allergies face breathing difficulties. Deep upholstery cleaning helps you get rid of dust, germs, grime and allergens that have accumulated over time and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Exceptional Cleaning that Makes Your Upholstery Shine

At Kan Cleaning Solutions, we have emerged to be one of the leading upholstery cleaning companies in Launceston due to our high-end workmanship and exceptional professionalism. Our team of experts leave no stones unturned to satisfy you and eliminate dirt from deep inside the fabrics to ensure your upholstered furniture look sparkling clean.

We pay special attention to the prime hotspot areas that attract and accumulate dirt quickly. Our proficient cleaners treat areas which are oily due to head and armrests and put their best efforts to prevent discolouration. Our upholstery cleaning services include steam cleaning, sanitising, deodorising. Additionally, we also offer stain removal, pet urine and odour treatment, mould removal to give a lint-free shine to your expensive upholstered furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning Service Launceston
Your One-Stop Upholstery Cleaning Partner: 100% Instant Results
Whatever be your fabric type, we can treat them using specialised techniques and customer-centric approach. If you are tired of dealing with tough stains and soiled appearance of your upholstered furniture, get in touch with us now and book an appointment at the lowest market quote!
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